Katy Caroline - Passionately Curious   

"Your work is sensitive, imaginative, whimsical, and powerful."     ....Sheila B.

If you buy from me at my studio or directly online:

I am currently only selling artwork through the galleries, shops that carry my art... not online, thanks!!!

The pricing on my website... DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING, HANDLING, OR TAX.

Shipping & Handling:

If you purchase a painting that I have at my studio either through my website or in the flesh and it needs to be shipped.... 

I take all my art to UPS for packaging and shipping.  So, after I recieve the payment from you for just the art itself and find out what the shipping address is, I will then get your credit card information to do a separate transaction for shipping handling and tax, after I take the painting to UPS to ship... when I know the exact cost and whether or not I need to apply sales tax.

Sale Tax:

North Carolina Sales tax is 6.75% and will be added to any paintings (also applies to commissioned art) that are purchased at my studio in person or that is being shipped somewhere in the state of North Carolina.

If the painting is being shipped outside of North Carolina.... no sales tax applies.

If you buy a painting from a business that is carrying my art:

If you see a piece on my website and I direct you to the business that is displaying the painting for sale... and you want it either by solely viewing it online or by going to that business.... Shipping, Handling, and Tax will be handled in whatever way that business chooses.