Katy Caroline - Passionately Curious   

"Your work is sensitive, imaginative, whimsical, and powerful."     ....Sheila B.

Any charity out there that is interested in a piece of art for their charity or charity event here is what I am able to do:

1)  I have many many Demo paintings from my Sip n Dip wine and paint class done here on the Outer Banks.  I would be more than happy to give one of those to you for your auction/event!   You can keep 100% of the proceeds from these.

2) OR if you would like an actual original of mine to sell... for an event... I would be happy to give that to you as well.   But on the condition that 40% of the amount raised for the piece be returned to me.  My original paintings just take too much time to be able to completely donate.  I appreciate your understanding!

Oh and at this time, I will not be donating any sip n dip classes... not until all of my demo paintings find a home first :D

I look forward to helping your charity!  and thanks for doing what you all do!!!