Katy Caroline - Passionately Curious   

"Your work is sensitive, imaginative, whimsical, and powerful."     ....Sheila B.


On This Page:

  • General Commission Process
  • Commission Policies
  • Commission Pricing
  • Base Pricing for these subjects: 
     -House Portraits
     -People Portraiture
     -Pet Portraits
  • Commission Guestimate Form

General Commission Process

1) Alrighty, YAY... first off!

If you have ended up on this page of my website most likely you are really digging my art!!!

2) Call me at 252-489-5230 when you have about 10 minutes and can be by a computer!  I want to be able to talk you through some information on my website to get a feel for what you are looking for!  and to make sure you go over all of my Commission information.

3) After our talk, and you read the info on the links I pointed out to you... you go ahead and take the time to gather all of the reference materials you can along with figuring out what style, size, and budget you are working with.  

4) Fill out my commission "Guestimate" form from a link a told you about.

5) I will get back to you with a "guestimate" which is the best I can do without charging for an actual estimate.

6) Based on the guestimate I give you...  you pay the deposit.

7) If I require a photoshoot we will go ahead and schedule a time to do that.

8) I will get back to you with one final message that will include all the official specifics for the painting you are commissioning plus the official estimate.

9) You Play the waiting Game

10) When I am finished I will email you a sneak peak of the painting.

11) Most likely you will LOVE IT!!! but, if I need to tweak something no problem!

12) As soon as you are happy with the painting you either come pick it up and pay me then... or I will send you a payment link with the remaining balance MINUS tax, shipping and handling if the artwork is to be shipped.  Also, if the painting is to be shipped I will get your credit card info to charge shipping/handling/and tax after I find out the exact costs for those things.

13) When I recieve the final payment I will go ahead and get the painting in the mail usually on Tuesday.... that is my shipping out day :D  But if you need quicker no problem.

14) After I take the painting to UPS for packaging, insurance, and shipping... I will charge your credit card the exact cost. 

15) You recieve your own custom, rockin, awesome, orignal painting, by me, Katy Caroline!!!! 

Commission Policies

Commission Consultation:

I can give you a brief 10 minute or so consultation on the phone.  If you are wanting a painting, mural, illustration for your business... just call me at 252-489-5230 when you have about 10 minutes to check out my website while talking to me so I can go over some stuff with you.  I will tell you what I need you to do during this conversation before you submit anything else to me to give you a "Guestimate."

Without going off on a long confusing tangent.... creating custom artwork requires custom pricing. So, All I can do after you submit a "Commission Guestimate Form" to me is just give you a price range for a painting depending on the image and details you send me.  

To go beyond that I will require a Deposit to continue with the commission process

Down Payment:

The Down Payment is 25% of the lower number of the "Guestimate" price range I give you.  This is received after our 10 minute consultation, you have read all of the information I provide you with about my commissions, you submit a Commission Guestimate Form, and I send you my official "Guestimate" with the deposit payment attached.  Only after you make the deposit will I contact you again to continue the commission process :D  The deposit is nonrefundable.

What kind of images do I accept from you:

JPEGS ONLY...  no links... no physical photos..... if you only have a physical photo I need you to scan it on a computer and save it as a JPEG, thanks!

Photo Session:

There are certain subjects and styles I would prefer to do a photoshoot for.  It really depends on whether or not you have an image you want painted already as well as the quality of that image.  

Pricing for a photo shoot will depend on certain things... so we can discuss that in our phone consultation.  Locally the range will typically be between $75 to $200 dollars.  If we need to do a photo shoot the fee will be added to the deposit.


I paint on all kinds of surfaces, all of which can be easily framed except for the old wooden shutters. So, unless you otherwise specify, it will be on canvas.

Any custom canvas' will be an additional charge and I will add the cost of it to the final payment.

How Long will it take to get Your Custom Art Piece!?

  • Time will vary depending on the type, style, and size of the commission!  
  • All Commissions are completed in the order that I recieve them. (which means when I have received the deposit)... Unless they are large paintings of people and detailed houses.  I have a class I teach once a week and have work to complete to hang in galleries, as well as the occasional solo exhibit.  So, I have to juggle more time consuming commissions around a busy schedule!!  
  • Don't let time deter you from getting a painting.  If it is a gift and I can't get it to you on that actual occasion... a coming soon card is a great substitute.  People understand that custom artwork is worth waiting for ;D

When we talk on the phone... I can give you an idea of when I can work your painting into my schedule.

Taxes, Shipping, and Handling

  • North Carolina Sales tax is 6.75% and will be added to the cost of any commission that is picked up from my studio or shipped to anywhere in North Carolina.  Any Painting that is being shipped outside of North Carolina will have no sales tax added.  
  • When I send you your sneak peak I will get the final payment link ready and send it to you as well as a form to fill out to get your credit card information.
  • Shipping, Handling and Tax will be a separate transaction from the final payment, after I find out where the painting is to be shipped as well as the the exact cost of Shipping and Handling.  
  • I take all artwork to be shipped to UPS to package, insure, and ship.


All copy rights of any works commissioned will remain the artist... me!  If you are interested in purchasing the copyrights as well, we can discuss that as it will depend on what type of rights you would like!   

If you would like prints of the commissioned painting I offer giclees... which are awesome prints... best kind in my opinion!

I can tell you what my pricing is... and I will give you a discounted price as a thank you for the commission!

Commission Pricing

How Do I Charge for Commissions:

First... my commission pricing is more costly than the pricing for my originals to sell simply because there is a lot more time, effort, and pressure involved :D  all things that I like... but just have to charge for ya know!!!

Time is how I charge for commission work.  Only Time.  This includes:

  •  time corresponding with you about your custom artwork from initial contact, to helping you narrow your ideas, or ask for better/more reference materials, and coordination photoshoots, etc.
  • gathering reference materials: This includes photo shoots, time for the session itself, then editing them, and sending them to you to decided between.  Also I have to take the time to find any reference materials for the details you would like added to your painting that aren't found in the photos you provide me or are in the photos that I take.
  • figuring out the best composition and way to execute your vision!
  • finding the best materials to use & ordering them
  • painting time
  • taking pictures of the painting, editing them, uploading them to my website for your sneak peak.
  • Ordering giclee prints for you, in this case the taking the photo is a lengthy process because I have to make sure the image truly represents the art peice.
  • and then of course, labeling, signing, hardwaring, and prepping the sides of your canvas to get it ready to go home or be shipped to ya~

STYLES - Okay so the style of painting you would like from me will determine pricing as well, only because the more choppy "whimsical style" that I use does not take as long as a painting where I use more realistic coloring or fine tuned brush strokes.

ORIGINALITY - There is a difference between just painting a photo or painting something representationally versus creating something that is different and unique using warped perspectives, or non representational compositions.  This is mainly something to consider for Murals or Commercial work.  If you want me to just come and paint a pretty tree with an owl or something... that is pretty straight up and representational.  and pricing will be much less than if you want something truly custom, original, and one of a kind. 

PAINT A PHOTO - If you want me to just take a photo and recreate it on the canvas using colors, and brush strokes... that will cost less... because I don't have to do anything but just paint a photo.  But, the more you want to add or change things... the more work it will involve and therefor the price will go up.

Base Pricing for Commissions

House Portrait Pricing

People Portrait Pricing

Pet Portrait Pricing

Miscellaneous Pricing

Mural Pricing

Commission Guestimate Form:


Oh and hey... just so you know... if you want to skip the phone consultation.... just read this whole page... check out the pricing and style of what you are interested in and then just submit the form above when you gather all of your ideas, specifics, and photos.  BUT, know that I am totally game for any questions you have.   I just added the form to this page because email is driving me freaking nuts these days... I am always wondering if people receive the emails I send or not... because I won't hear back from someone for a while and so I call and it turns out that they did not get my email... it is happening to me more and more.....so just having access to most info through my website means less emailing I gotta do, which gives me peace of mind!  I try not to go off on long tangents... really I do... but oh well :D