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"Your work is sensitive, imaginative, whimsical, and powerful."     ....Sheila B.


"Christmas" Private Sip n Dip at Pirates Cove... 10-08-13

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Love this one... so bright and gets me sooo in the christmas spirit!  This was a great bunch of ladies who did a fabulous job!!!

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sip-N-Dip-wine-and-paint-class-on-the-Outer-Banks/159457480925978" target="_blank">SIP N DIP FACEBOOK PAGE

"Funky Sea Turtle" Regular Sip n Dip 09/12/13

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"Dr. Seuss Fish" Private Sip N Dip.... 08-18-13

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SO.... tell me what you want to paint.


I am back on Facebook and Sip N Dip has its own seperate page now!!!


First, hook me up with a like... then tell me some ideas.


Either 2nd, 3rd, 4th someone elses suggestion by replying to their comment...  or make a new suggestion by posting a seperate comment. Once I get 8 people to agree with a subject suggestion. I will totally do one.


If you aren't on facebook leave a comment here and I will add it to facebook myself!






OH and feel free to share the page too if you want. I will definitely try to post upcoming subjects on there... but sometimes remembering to post things everywhere is hard and I let things fall through the crack.


So, the best way to know what Subject and Date sip n dips will be is to join my weekly emailing list :D... which you can do by clicking CONTACT ME at the top




"Purple Allium Field" Regular Sip n Dip... 09-05-13

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Octopus Sip n DIp... 080613

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Colorful Owl Sip n DIp... 08-01-13

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New Paintings for Sip N Dip

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Gonna Have them up on the scedule soon!