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"Your work is sensitive, imaginative, whimsical, and powerful."     ....Sheila B.


I am Back on Facebook

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Okay so I am officially back on Facebook.


Starting fresh!


I have two seperate pages... one for just my art to sell or commissioms and one for Sip n Dip.


Hook it up with some likes :D


here are the links:










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SO.... tell me what you want to paint.


I am back on Facebook and Sip N Dip has its own seperate page now!!!


First, hook me up with a like... then tell me some ideas.


Either 2nd, 3rd, 4th someone elses suggestion by replying to their comment...  or make a new suggestion by posting a seperate comment. Once I get 8 people to agree with a subject suggestion. I will totally do one.


If you aren't on facebook leave a comment here and I will add it to facebook myself!






OH and feel free to share the page too if you want. I will definitely try to post upcoming subjects on there... but sometimes remembering to post things everywhere is hard and I let things fall through the crack.


So, the best way to know what Subject and Date sip n dips will be is to join my weekly emailing list :D... which you can do by clicking CONTACT ME at the top




Plein Air Painting

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Here are some random quick pics I shot... wanted to chat and paint more than snap some pics ya know!

This was what I was attempted to paint at our first stop!  Omgoodness painting on the shore was amazing and yes... I will be doing this more!  We will see how my painting turns out!  I am not so good at landscapes... 

How cute is Lynn Nash's Studio in Elizabeth City...  I am seriously considering moving my studio to a cute little cottage in the middle of nowhere!!! So much more fun than a retail spot!!!

Love me some PHIL CAMERON!!!!  It was so good to see this guy!!! 

I met so many people I can't remember all of their names... but again this studio is awesome!!!

There were several artists all around the house... Miss Carol Peel was painting some chicks and a rooster out there!

Here they are!

Another cool artists spot... she does mixed media and print making... and then the artist outside is from Atlanta Georgia!

This is Lynn.... :D  Thanks for letting us hang out at your awesome studio!!!

This is miss Jane Filer... an AMAZING artist and pretty cool lady!!!  Kelly Cameron, another artist... from Elizabeth City.... who is a FABULOUS artist as well and I are chillin and chattin with miss Jane while she slaps some paint on the canvas!!!

Oh my goodness I am going back to this road to get some inspiration pics.... so many beautiful things to see in ECity.  There was someting about this scare crow that I just loved!  So I thought I would share :D

Needless to say I had an absolute blast!!!!  

Jewelry Class With Denise Turner

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CLASS TAUGHT BY THE beautiful and awesome DENISE TURNER of Ultra Violet Gems.


In 2.5 hours you will be making a set of silver leaf earrings and one to two silver leaf pendants! This class includes all materials including kiln firing, earring and pendant components.


All made out of 100% FINE SILVER. Its gonna be fun.. I am taking the class, yay I get to be a student for once :)


These are actual leaves that were made by painting on fine silver paste in multple layers. They are then fired and the leaf is burned off but leaves behind a beautiful and exact duplicate.


The Trents

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Butch and Stephanie came to visit me the other day!!!  They are such a joy every time...  I love their enthusiasm and the love and support that they give me.  Here they are pictured with their newest additions of my art they will take home to hang   I know that business is business but in the world of art, the relationships that you develop with the people that come along to support you over and over  is something to cherish.   It is people like Butch and Stephanie  that inspire me to believe in my art and vision and keep that belief replenished coninuously more than I would be able to on my own.   xo 

Vintage Bodega

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I will be a vendor at Vintage Bodega April 19th-April 21st!!!  Please come and check it out...

https://www.facebook.com/vintagebodegabythesea" target="_blank">feel free to check out their facebook page... AND SHARE THE EVENT!!

Bob and Artspace's New Digs

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Here is the new space where Bob and OBX Artspace are... looks great and love all the little nooks.  They are in Scaraborough Lane Shops in Duck, NC... everything is up there now... minus me and most of my art!!!  I have three up there with him... good luck BOB!!!!   The space looks great :D

Bringing the Blog Back! Sip n Dip "Barn Scene" 2-28-13

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I so love love this one.  Probably my favorite scene Sip N Dip that we have done!!! AND... I tried a new way to teach and I think it worked pretty well.  Even after almost 3 years of doing wine and paint classes on the Outer Banks... it goes to show that you never stop learning.  Gonna try it again tonight for the Elephant to see if it will stick!    Thanks to all my veteran and newbie Sip n DIppers!  It is always a pleasure chatting and creating with you... xoxox

Art In Action

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I am now giving still life demonstrations every Wednesdays from 6-8pm..... through September.   RESERVATIONS REQUIRED.... anyway, this is something I am offering exclusively for Club Seaside via Seaside Vacations.  This was my second go at it.....

These ladies were quite the sport and watched for two hours as I painted this interesting number I have dubbed... "chiquita banana genie."  

The Postcard Exchange

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These are my postcards..... the ones on the left are shipping out and the ones on the right will be in Manteo!

In October 2010 Bideford Bay Creatives and Dare County Arts Council met in Manteo through the support of the Winston Churchill Travel Fellowship and Networking Artists Network grants. The result was the production of a three year arts plan of which this Postcard Exchange is the first phase. The aim is for the two communities to understand about and learn from each other through the medium of the arts, and for a real exchange of ideas, inspirations and local knowledge through a partnership between DCAC and BBC and other potential partners in both Manteo and Bideford.


A programme of exhibitions, residencies, collaborations and educational activity will be developed, leading to new work being created and shared with both communities.


Bideford and Manteo are sister cities, connected historically through the 1587 Lost Colony under command of Sir Richard Grenville, Bideford’s Lord of the Manor; and more recently through the town twinning.


Manteo, Bideford and their surrounding areas have vibrant arts communities; this is your chance to make contact with your twin via a postcard, handmade in any medium, to reflect in image and words something unique about where you live.


The Postcard Exchange: Both towns have seasonal tourism. Historically postcards have been sent as a greeting from overseas. You may create up to 3 original postcards with twin similar postcards, for a total of up to 6 entries. One of each postcard will be sent to your twin town and exhibited in a group show there, the other to be exhibited with postcards from across the pond in your home town.